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February 15, 2022

How Secure Is Your East Tamaki Childcare Facility?

You hear horror stories of children fleeing or being kidnapped from childcare centers, but that could never happen to you, could it? I mean, your East Tamaki childcare center is extremely secure. Isn’t that correct?

Your child’s daycare, believe it or not, may not be as secure as you think.

Is The Personnel Well Vetted?

Background checks are a simple and effective technique to preserve the integrity of any company’s personnel. Your child should not be placed in any institution unless they guarantee that all workers have undergone a background check. This is the very least that you should expect from the East Tamaki daycare, and it applies to everyone from the administrative staff to the caregivers themselves to the people who clean up at night.

Your childcare facility’s drop-off and pick-up arrangements are crucial to the safety of the children. Extra screening is necessary for the person in charge of determining who is authorized to pick up your child from the institution. Some East Tamaki childcare facilities may provide each family a personal identification number; without it, no one will be allowed to pick up the child or get access to the facility.

Are The Rooms Safe For Children?

When it comes to a facility that has children coming and going all day, you’d think it would be a no-brainer, but if your childcare provider hasn’t adopted at least basic child-proofing measures, it’s time to turn around and walk the other way. This is especially important if you’re thinking about starting an in-home daycare, where fireplaces, baseboard electrical outlets, and other hazards are more likely to occur.

East Tamaki childcare

Is There A Strategy In Place In Case Of An Emergency?

Nobody likes to think about the worst-case scenario happening at their East Tamaki daycare facility, but every childcare provider should have a well-established strategy in place to cope with fire, floods, kidnapping, and other emergency situations. Request that any potential provider shows you theirs before enrolling your child.

What Is The Policy On Child Abuse In Childcare?

Any parent understands how it is easy to get so irritated with a stubborn child that the first instinct is to reach out and hit the child. But we don’t do it as parents. We realize what we’re doing is wrong and come to a stop. What if anything goes wrong at your East Tamaki childcare center and the caregiver does not step in? It is an act that may be explained but never excused. 

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