standard 11 induction
August 10, 2021

Top Reasons to Complete Standard 11 Induction Training Course for Mining Workers

If you are working in the mining industry, you would be aware of the benefits of completing standard 11 induction training courses. In case you are not from this business field, you would be here to know about the reasons to complete this course and why this course is essential for the mining workers or those who want to join this industry.

Below are a few reasons to complete this training course.

Key to join the mining industry

This industry is one of the biggest and most profitable industries in the world. Even the salaries in this business are also much better than many other industries. Therefore, many people want to join the industry and earn a huge amount of money. If you are also one of them, you must complete a standard 11 mining induction training course.

This course is one of the keys to joining this industry. This safety course opens the doors of opportunities in the business. The mining companies prefer to hire those who have completed this course as for them, the safety of the workers is essential.

standard 11 induction

Safety compliance

Mining is not safe to work as thousands of people have died working in the mines. Still, hundreds of people die every year working in the mines globally. The mining companies in African and a few Asian countries hide the data of their workers to cover up the casualties.

The situation in North America and Australia is different from other countries as mining is also safer in these regions due to the best practices and courses designed to help the workers. Standard 11 mining induction course is also one of them, and it is like safety leadership training and best training program. Those people who have completed this course not only give them a favour to get better jobs but also save their and others lives as well.

This course helps workers to learn how safely they can start and finish their work.

Jobs security

If you are working in the mining industry and you think your job is not secure, you should take some time to complete this course as it enhances job security. Besides job security, this course is also helpful for getting a promotion.

Job security is one of the main reasons people complete standard 11 induction training courses, as they don’t want to lose their jobs.