SAP Security Tools
January 15, 2021

Types of SAP Security Tools

SAP is an acronym that stands for Systems Applications and Products. It refers to a security system that grants access to an SAP system when necessary and denies access if it’s unnecessary. We’ll get to familiarize ourselves with a few SAP security tools.

SAP Security Tools

Top 4 SAP Security Tools

Technically there are several tools used in the establishment of SAP security. Today, the most common tools are access management software applications. Below is a full list of these tools.

  • Symmetry Access Control: this is the most common tool which helps in the SAP risk analysis. Additionally, the tool plays a crucial role in determining how sensitive data is. Interestingly this SAP tool is capable of tracking what one does in any given session.
  • ERPScan WEBXML: this checker is a tool that helps in checking the security configurations of applications. Usually, this tool scans the files to detect any vulnerabilities if they exist. The beauty of this risk management SAP tool is that it’s free.
  • SolarWinds ARM: this is the most recommendable SAP tool for managing access security. The good thing about this tool is that it can closely monitor any changes in the active directory.
  • Netwrix Auditor: the primary function of this security tool is to classify information accordingly. Additionally, the SAP tool also tracks who has access to given pieces of information on your servers. Not to add that it also dictates how data users access these data.

Functions of SAP Security Tools

Let’s now understand some of the main functions of these software applications. Here is the significance of these tools:

  • Risk analysis: risk analysis SAP tools play a crucial role in analyzing the actual SAP risk. Additionally, they also determine how sensitive the given data is to prevent unauthorized data access.
  • To keep track of all data users: another function is to keep track of all the users who access given data. Apart from that,a Netwrix auditor also dictates how people access data stored in your servers.
  • Preventing unauthorized access: the primary function of all SAP tools, is to ensure that only authorized people access data stored in your server. If anyone attempts to access data, it alerts the relevant personnel.
  • Preventing DDoS attacks: lastly, these tools also ensure that data is always available for use. Usually, these tools play a crucial role in preventing any potential distributed denial of service attack.

SAP Security Tools

Most businesses today feature multiple interconnected systems for data sharing. Unfortunately, this creates the risk of unauthorized access to data. That’s why we need to capitalize on SAP security tools.

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