July 27, 2020

Characteristics of a Good Professional Driving Instructor

It’s important to learn how to drive. You can have your friends teach you how to drive. However, to learn quickly and properly and become a pro, you’ll need to be taught by a professional instructor. Of course, there are so many out there but finding one that suits your needs can be difficult. Fortunately, the professional driving instructor Sunshine Coast is there for you and ready to take you through the training whenever you’re ready.

Patient and Brave

A good driving instructor will be very patient with you. He or she will also be brave enough to be able to handle you through the driving course. Bravery is required from the instructor’s part because all learner drivers aren’t equal. Some learners may have issues with spatial awareness, coordination, and natural flair, especially during their first days on the wheel.

Very Understanding

What’s more, a good driving instructor will try to understand that everyone begins with different ability levels and some require more time and guidance to develop their driving skills than others. While some learners can be dramatic during their initial lessons on driving, a good instructor will not howl and shout at you every time you’re making a mistake. Instead, he or she will be sympathetic and easy going.

Instructor’s Qualifications

All driving instructors are required to possess the right qualification to teach. To ensure your instructor is qualified, look for a green license displayed in the window of the car showing that the instructor is an Approved Driving Instructor. Additionally, you can choose to learn with a trainee instructor who will show a Potential driving Instructor sign in pink instead.

Regular Commitment

Whether you’re learning regularly, weekly or intensive driving lessons to finish quickly, your driving instructor ought to be approachable and understanding. Generally, everybody has a different reaction when it comes to their first time driving and a dependable instructor will allow you to progress at your own pace. A good instructor will listen to any concern you might have, any questions you might have, and also understand the situation you’re in because they were also a learner someday and so they ought to understand.


Last but not least, your driving instructor should be friendly to you, particularly when you’re taking intensive lessons. He or she should be someone who is easy to get along with. You don’t want to spend hours with someone who’s grumpy, difficult, and objectionable to talk too during the training. If you’re looking for the best instructor, choose professional driving instructor Sunshine Coast and enjoy a friendly, quick, and proper driving training.