April 27, 2020

Using a Driving Simulator in driver training sunshine coast

Even though using a driving simulator in driver training sunshine coast has lots of benefits, there are still some driving instructors who don’t want to use it and hesitate. New drivers want to start their driving lessons on a simulator because they think it is like a game. But they have to understand driving simulators are not like games. They give you a real-time experience of driving so you can enhance your driving skills and drive a car safely. 


If you learn to drive in a good simulator, it will not only focus on your control on a vehicle but also guide you about traffic rules, realistic traffic scenarios, traffic dealing, and your participation in traffic. These skills must be precise but hardest to learn in driver training. 

Simulator Properties:

Let’s see what the properties of a good driving simulator are:

  • Skill training is the most important, and they should be trained in a way that will not put any pressure on the trainee’s mind. The basic purpose of training is to teach the learner about the automation of the car, such as gear changing, steering techniques, negotiating roundabouts, scanning when approaching an intersection, lane changing, overtaking, entering a highway, etc. 
  • You can practice your driving in a large number of traffic situations in a very short time. It will help the learner to get some driving experience. You can focus on a specific skill while training in a simulator. For example, if a learner learns to drive in a simulator for only one hour, he will learn more than driving in the real world. 
  • When you are learning in real-world with your instructor, he has no control over the situation like traffic situations, and these occur randomly. But when you are getting training with your instructor in a simulator, he can control the situations and give you different instructive scenarios for your learning and skill enhancement. A simulator gives you a guarantee that you will get an expert in driving within a short time. 

When you train in a good simulator, it has a visual instructor that does the evaluation of the behavior of the trainee continuously. Whenever a trainee makes a mistake, it immediately gives its feedback, and you will be able to learn from your mistakes quickly. That’s why a driving simulator in a driver training sunshine coast made it easy.