PTE Training Dhaka
January 10, 2019

10 Question To Ask Before You Get The Services Of An Educational Consultant

Many people want to take the PTE Training Dhaka because it can make them able to take admission in any university. Many people try to hire the services of an educational consultant that can help them to choose their education path for future studies. It is best for those who are able to make a decision and they have different education choices.  When you will go to the consultant he will be able to guide you according to the scope of that specific subject and according to your interest also.

If you are going to hire the services of an educational consultant then it is necessary for you to ask these questions for making a better decision.

  • It is better for you to ask the Education Consultant Chittagong about the top universities and schools of your choice if you will be able to get the admission in that particular school or not. It is not good to believe his guarantees because they don’t know about your results and what will be the merit of that school or university.
  • You must know about the academic trends of that particular school or university so that you will be able to meet the admission representatives at the right time of admission season.
  • You must ask him if he belongs to any federation or association or is he independent?
  • Ask him if he attends the education events and conferences to keep him up-to-date with the new education laws.
  • You must ask him if he takes any compensation from the school or university for referring the students their school or university. If they take the compensation then do not follow their advice. If they don’t take any compensation then you can follow them.
  • You must know the fees structures of different school and universities so that you can make a final decision.
  • You must ask him if he will fill the admission form on your behalf, or will write the applications and essays for you. If he offers you all these services then he is not a good consultant because it is your responsibility to carry all the processes yourself rather than involving anyone from the outside.
  • Ask about when he started doing this consultancy business and why?
  • Ask about his training and his educational background and experience.
  • Ask about his special training.