business consultants in UAE
December 18, 2018

Business Support Services By Consultants

The recommended way to start a business in Dubai is to hire one of the top-notch business consultants in UAE. They have professionals who can assist you in planning all the techniques of incorporating in UAE. These business consultants have the best consultancy services for its clients to ensure the smooth registration process. If you decide to make a new company in Dubai then these business consultants in UAE gives you options for deciding whether you need an offshore company, a free zone company or an onshore company.

How business consultants are helpful?

Under some conditions and following certain restrictions, the business consultants in Dubai are helpful in following ways:

  • They will prepare and attest of all your required documents
  • They have the responsibility to get approval from all required authorities
  • Help in getting visa in Dubai
  • Covering all legal and required demands
  • Help in gripping issues after getting registration

Core Services of Business Consultants

  • Business Marketing with Strategic Planning
  • Helping you in selecting the suitable vehicle for business activities
  • Evaluation and analysis of local Business
  • Examination of the Organization
  • Project Management and Implementation

Benefits of Mainland Company Registration in Dubai

  • 100% corporate tax exemption for mainland companies located in Dubai
  • Ease of operating your company from anywhere in UAE
  • For acquiring Dubai mainland license, no capital required
  • Facility of carrying out business in mainland of Dubai
  • No restrictions on currency
  • Employment visas easily handled
  • Allowed to choose office locations anywhere in Dubai
  • 100% return of profits and capital for mainland company registration
  • Problem free legal procedures to get the registrations and  license in Dubai
  • For establishing mainland Company a simple incorporation procedure is followed
  • No audit requirement in Dubai Mainland


The business consultants in Dubai offer the following services:

  • Visa Services

The visa services are for both corporate clients and individuals in UAE. There is a team of experienced and skillful professionals who can handle the complete visa process.
Residence visas are of three types:

  • Employment visa
  • Partner visa
  • Family visa
  • Trade Mark Registration

After starting your business in UAE you need to look at some minor details-yet so important. After the registration and company’s name has been decided it is time to design an outstanding company logo with the most creative idea. However you should keep in mind that the company’s trademark needs ro undergo registration process done by business consultants in Dubai.